Shop N Lube Express

“Customers have been asking us why we haven’t had this Loyalty System for years before!” Montrose, CO

Papa Kenos Pizza

"The expense is low...and even more important probably is that the hassle factor is very's a turn-key deal"

It's been nice. Before, we had a punch card...people are all about technology now, they want to do everything they can from their's one less card in their wallet. [We can send a text that says] "we haven't seen you in a while," and we've seen a lot of those customers come back and say "I got this text..." We see a lot of people come in and go straight to the kiosk.

—Jersey Boyz

Fabula Home & Gift Boutique

“Customers love for us to be able to stay in touch with them especially when we have special sales & they also like being rewarded for coming in. I had only been working with 970VIP for 2 months with about 65 customers in the system when we sent out our 1st text message and one of the customers that came in as a result of the text spent $1,000! The message only cost me about $6.50! I have now been with 970VIP for 4 ½ year with around 1,400 subscribers now!” Montrose, CO

PS Froyo

“Our sales go through the roof when we send out a broadcast (text)! It’s definitely effective & beneficial in getting return customers. I’ve recommended it to other businesses & told them they would be making a wise choice by signing up with 970VIP.” Pagosa Springs, CO

Zarda BBQ

"When we put this system in and watched what it did on the first day, we knew that everything they said was going to come true was going to happen...there's not an easier way to capture your consumers [and] build customer loyalty"

Bessie Boutique

"I love it, my customers love brought a lot of customers back into the store, and it's very simple to use."

“When we were first approached to join 970VIP we were reluctant and thought, how could this possibly help our sales? Shane has proven us wrong! We continue to see an increase in sales on the specific days that our text broadcasts go out. We recently had our Sunday sales double because of a broadcast that we sent! 970VIP has become a very important marketing strategy for our business! Thanks!” (4 locations)

—Chow Down Pet Supply

Fantastic Sams

"I'll tell you how easy it is for the customer...I've been installing the system at our stores, and while I was installing it, I had people behind me tapping their feet, waiting to sign in"

The Coffee Trader

“Once we’ve realized that we can now reach out directly to our customers it’s been quite powerful for our business. People have really enjoyed it. There’s nothing more powerful than being able to send a message directly to their cell phone, where they see it, and can take advantage of the offer immediately!” Montrose & Grand Junction, CO